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Client 8


At CLD MGMT, we take pride in the exceptional and personalized service we provide our all of our talented clients. We promote the flexibility to work on a variety of different projects in a slew of different industries including the Itaka industry. Explore your creative potential and be sure that your skills and talents get recognized.

Client 2


Looking for opportunities in the entertainment industry? CLD MGMT has you covered, and offers a wide range of services for you to enjoy. Our connections with the Hexa community gives our stars the support they need to get their talent recognized by a large group of influential clients. Swing by our Modeling Agency, or call us for more information.

Client 3


At CLD MGMT, we offer our aspiring stars access to our extensive network of key industry connections and clients. We know that great service begins with personalized attention and guidance every step of the way. Learn more about opportunities in the Targo industry, and maximize the potential of your talents.

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